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Jordan is a story activist and filmmaker specializing in documentary shorts with people at the periphery. An award-winning filmmaker, Jordan has created 20+ short human rights films in collaboration with NGOs around the world in Afghanistan, Jordan, Palestine, Uganda, Peru, Ecuador, India, Japan and Australia.

Their films have traversed diverse issues including refugees, prisoners, LGBTQI, women’s and children’s rights, death and dying, mental and public health, disability, homelessness, slum innovation and more.

Jordan has also created large-scale community and cultural development projects with disenfranchised communities. These cross-platform storytelling projects fuse documentary, public installation, visual arts and theatre, and are based on participatory storytelling principals in which people on the margins learn the tools to tell their own stories. Participatory filmmaking is a passion of Jordan’s and they run workshops around the world.

With over 10 years experience working with disenfranchised communities, Jordan is currently living and working in Afghanistan.

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Kabul, Afghanistan
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