Inmates on the record at Object Gallery

Beauty and the Grey Beast: Surprising Tales from Prison

WHEN: Wednesday 13 August – Saturday 16 August 2014, Opening Hours: 11am-5pm.
WHERE: Object Australian Design Centre, 417 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.
ABOUT: Presented as part of Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition.

Beauty and the Grey Beast: Surprising Tales from Prison springs from interactions with inmates and correctional staff at Junee Correctional Centre. It takes a ‘triptych’ approach to building a conversation around prison and the potential of art and cultural activities as gateways to self-development.

“Since 2012 the NSW prison population rose by 13 per cent, reaching a record high in March this year. 55% of those people have served time before,” says Jordan Bryon, creative director of Off the Record, “we love storytelling because it turns complex issues and statistics like this into real people that we can connect with. And building connections between people from different groups is the key to changing social views.”

The three elements of the project are:

‘The Grey Beast’, an audiovisual installation taking the form of a custom built ‘cell’ created in collaboration with Amigo and Amigo, which invites audiences to explore different perspectives on life inside and to provide their own questions, answers and feedback. Responses will be taken back to Junee for inmates to reply in their chosen art form.

a hard copy zine featuring artwork and writing from the prison. Copies of the zine will be available for the first 20 people through the door at the exhibition each day.

a documentary film
*based at Junee Correctional Centre (currently in post-production) highlighting the importance of the prison’s Cultural Centre programs. *The documentary won’t feature at the exhibition but if you would like to know when it’s screening, or to hear about our upcoming projects, please email with ‘GO ON THE RECORD’ in the subject line.

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