Queer Arab Film Festival

The worlds first Queer Arab Film Festival launched in August 2014 at the University of Sydney. This festival is a safe academic forum in which to raise awareness about the Arab and Muslim LGBTIQ community in Australia and around the world.

It includes both documentaries and feature films from a range of Arab (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine) and Muslim-majority (Iran, India) and Muslim-minority societies (South Africa, USA, Australia). Together these give voice to the real, lived experiences of Arab and Muslim gay and lesbian individuals, and opens up a safe space for dialogue about the much-overlooked – and greatly misunderstood – subject of gay and lesbian sexualities and same-sex identities in Arab and Muslim societies today.

The festival is curated by Professor Sahar Amer from Sydney University, and is presented by the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies and The Project A Continuing Spring: Arab and Australian views on social justice, equal economic development and cultures of freedom.
The Project A Continuing Spring is sponsored by the Council for Australian Arab Relations.

Big shout out to Miriam Thompson for all her publicity efforts for the festival!

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